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Entry #3


2009-03-05 08:01:44 by mobomobo

what you think about my lightart pic?



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2009-12-07 21:18:45

Dastardly, boy, Great Britain can use a fine man like yourself. Do you mind joining me and old Salinger for a cup of dark English tea, and how bout we say we "croq" the croquet fine gentle man. Oh boy well also enjoy great hot evening sex. Oh pardon me fine man, I'm sorry for the inappropriate language... great post impressionist idea on light art. You will be successful, tudleho, I'll be off.


2009-12-07 22:05:14

Oh with all jolly respect, who IZ that woman on your diplay picture. She is magnificently boner-full. I believe it is a drawing, I would greatly approve of you if you lead me to a larger image of her. Yummy in my tummy, yeppee, yeppee.